Gamkedo Club
Worldwide Team GameDev with Mentorship

Make What You Want

You won't be assigned to games or roles. Join (or lead) games you want to make. The club works on multiple games at a time. Follow your interests. Try new skills. Get practice.

Meet Peer Developers

We are all here to help one another create and improve. We do not approach making games as a competition. Everything is better and easier with a supportive peer group.

Practice Year-Round

Our approach fits in your busy life. Club games come together over months, with most members fitting in a few hours each week. Everyone's schedule is different.

Get One-on-One Help

Everything you need from starting out to leading teams. Membership includes months of training materials, our private forum, and mentorship from professionals.

Members meet online for video meeting 12:30pm (Pacific time) every Sunday.
Our club meets and collaborates entirely online with team members around the world.

We also host industry speakers for members to meet in online meetings:

Games Completed by Gamkedo Teams

Games are team projects spanning 1-5 months. We develop several in parallel.

Gamkedo Club games are now hosted on

Currently In-Development

Images in this section are of works-in-progress. Another 1 or 2 games will start soon.

Sea: Officially Lost

Development Time:
July 30 - December 17, 2017

Undersea survival horror

Pitched and Led by: Jeremy Kenyon

Team So Far (subject to change): Simon J Hoffiz, Cameron Button, Sergio Solorzano, Andy King, @brk_zp, Erik Verlage, Michael "Misha" Fewkes, Caspar Dunant

Ketch Me If You Can

Development Time:
August 20 - October 15, 2017

Art heist guarded by... ketchup people

Pitched and Led by: Oasis Rim

Team So Far (subject to change): Marcus Silva, Sigrath, @brk_zp, Cindy Rel Lee, Semih Yıldız, Chris Markle, Andy King, Mary Brady

Mage Hook

Development Time:
August 27 - November 5, 2017

Magic dungeon action adventure

Pitched and Led by: Marc Silva

Team So Far (subject to change): Terrence McDonnell, Christopher McLaughlin, Hadi Y.Q., Semih Yıldız, David Schluckebier, Simon J Hoffiz, Caspar Dunant

Featured Club Developers

Portfolio sites by some past and present Gamkedo Club members

Tim Waskett 🇬🇧

Programmer, 3D Modeler, Team Lead, Level Designer

Member Jan 20, 2016 - present

2 Club Teams Led: Sunbeam, Critical Alpha

9 Club Team Credits: Wrecking Cloud, Divine Disaster VR, CrossPoint, Overtime, Legends of the Outlands, Optiverse: Origins, Singed Dirt, Nightmare Sky, Critical Alpha Afterburner

Portfolio Includes Non-Club Projects

Erik Verlage 🇺🇸

Educational Game Designer, Programmer, Team Lead

Member Jan 27, 2016 - Present

2 Club Teams Led: Optiverse: Origins, CrossPoint

3 Club Team Credits: AntVenture, Irenic, Cat's Meow

Portfolio Includes Non-Club Projects

Nicholas Polchies 🇨🇦

Programmer, Team Lead

Member Feb 1, 2016 - Present

2 Club Teams Led: Critical Alpha Afterburner, APC 5

5 Club Team Credits: Journey of Little 2-Bit, Thopiax: The Arena, Overtime, Legends of the Outlands, Nightmare Sky

Portfolio Includes Non-Club Projects

Caspar Dunant (SpadXIII) 🇳🇱

Programmer, Team Lead, Modeler

Member June 8, 2016 - Present

3 Club Teams Led: Irenic, Journey of Little 2-Bit, Towers of Space

9 Club Team Credits: Roman's Adventure, APC5, Globuton, Windy Balloon, Sunbeam, Singed Dirt, Space Pool, Critical Alpha Afterburner, Critical Alpha

Jeremy Kenyon 🇺🇸

Programmer, Team Lead, 3D Artist

Member Oct 1, 2015 - present

5 Club Teams Led: Singed Dirt, Divine Disaster VR, Hungry Game, Cat's Meow, Little Brother

12 Club Team Credits: Critical Alpha, Critical Alpha Afterburner, Globuton, Journey of Little 2-Bit, Wrecking Cloud, Irenic, Overtime, APC 5, Legends of the Outlands, CrossPoint, Foam Corps, Nightmare Sky

Chris Markle 🇺🇸

Writer, Team Lead, Programmer Lite

Member Jun 23, 2016 - Present

1 Club Team Led: Globuton

6 Club Team Credits: Sunbeam, Roman's Adventure, Journey of Little 2-Bit, APC 5, CrossPoint, Nightmare Sky

Portfolio Includes Non-Club Projects

Thomas Kresge 🇺🇸

Music Composer, Sounds

Member Jan 26, 2016 - Present

7 Club Team Credits: Windy Balloon, Journey of Little 2-Bit, Optiverse: Origins, Legends of the Outlands, Percival Peckinpah Professional Picnic Packer, Cat's Meow, Nightmare Sky

Portfolio Includes Non-Club Projects

Dedrick Sarzaba 🇺🇸

Sound Design

Member May 5, 2017 - Present

4 Club Team Credits: Singed Dirt, Drift Bravely, Towers of Space, We Took Their Cheese

Portfolio Includes Non-Club Projects

Nick Baker 🇺🇸

Programmer, Level Designer

Member Oct 23, 2016 - July 23, 2017

3 Club Team Credits: Sunbeam, Wrecking Cloud Derby, Roman's Adventure

Portfolio Includes Non-Club Projects

Sasha Reneau 🇺🇸

2D and 3D Artist, Team Lead

Member Oct 1, 2015 - present

1 Club Team Led: Percival Peckinpah Professional Picnic Packer

7 Club Team Credits: Thopiax, Overtime, Arcade 88, CrossPoint, Galaxy Breacher, Cat's Meow, Little Brother

Portfolio Includes Non-Club Projects

Marcus Silva 🇺🇸

Programmer, UX, Puzzle Design

Member Oct 1, 2015 - Present

7 Club Team Credits: Space Pool, Optiverse: Origins, Thopiax, Galaxy Breacher, Little Brother, Foam Corps, Lunar League Fütbol

Portfolio Includes Non-Club Projects

Noah Lema (aka c:games) 🇺🇸

Musician, Sprite Artist

Member May 6, 2016 - Present

3 Club Team Credits: Windy Balloon, Wrecking Cloud, APC 5

Portfolio Includes Non-Club Projects

Nate Chambers 🇺🇸

Music Composer, Sounds

Member Oct 1, 2016 - Present

4 Club Team Credits: Arcade 88, Galaxy Breacher, Terminal Prophecy VR, Foam Corps

Portfolio Includes Non-Club Projects

James C. Hoffman 🇺🇸

Music Composer, Sounds

Member May 23, 2016 - Present

3 Club Team Credits: Critical Alpha, Sunbeam, Critical Alpha: Afterburner

Portfolio Includes Non-Club Projects

Lou Herard 🇺🇸


Member Jun 19, 2016 - Present

2 Club Team Credits: Nightmare Sky, Singed Dirt

Portfolio Includes Non-Club Projects

Reid Alford 🇺🇸

Programmer (Tools and AI)

Member Sept 7, 2016 - Jan 6, 2017

4 Club Team Credits: Sunbeam, Critical Alpha: Afterburner, Globuton, Divine Disaster VR

Portfolio Includes Non-Club Projects

Jerry McClellan 🇺🇸

Art and Game Design

Member April 1, 2017 - Present

1 Club Team Credit: Wrecking Cloud Derby

Portfolio Includes Non-Club Projects

Christer "McFunkypants" Kaitila 🇨🇦

Programmer, 3D Modeling, Voice Actor

Mentor Nov 24, 2016 - Present

8 Club Team Credits: Sunbeam, Singed Dirt, Wrecking Cloud Derby, Space Pool, Squash Encounter, Windy Balloon, Globuton, Divine Disaster VR

Portfolio Includes Non-Club Projects

Professional Mentors

Team leads also informally mentor collaborators and newer members

Founder & Trainer Chris DeLeon

Hi! I live in L.A. with my fiancée Laura and our cat EDI. I've been making games for 20 years, including pro game design on console games for Electronic Arts, in casual web games at a Silicon Valley start-up, and indie mobile (including a #2 paid game in 2008). Before starting Gamkedo I taught game creation skills at Georgia Tech. On the side I organize IndieCade's workshops in L.A. and Paris, teach kids coding in Malibu, and do game developer outreach now with over 70 podcast interviews and millions of YouTube views. Recently I guest wrote several episodes for Extra Credits (1, 2, 3, 4).

Speaker for, worked with, or had work featured in:

Forbes 30 Under 30 for Entertainment in 2011
IndieCade 2010 Finalist, GameU Co-Chair since 2014
• Level design in game at Smithsonian (Boom Blox)
• Udemy instructor teaching 70,000 students
• Academic and industry conference speaker
• Engine & levels, Vision by Proxy 2, 7+ million plays

Mentor-in-Residence Christer Kaitila

Lead programmer on over 100 non-game software projects, one day he put a quarter into a dusty Ms. Pac Man machine that shouldn't have even been there. He had the perfect game; beat the decades-old high score in front of his girlfriend, and had a life-changing epiphany. Developing business software was not going to make him happy. He quit his job that very day, dropped out of corporate society, married the girl who cheered him on, and devoted his life to making games. He was lucky. It turned out like he'd hoped.

• Founder of #1GAM, now on its 5th year
• Created 40 games
• Written 15 tutorials
• Two published books
• Composed 75 songs
• Professional voice actor


"I like that the group isn't tied to the physical location, making it possible to be part of a development group from anywhere. Gamkedo Club has helped to increase my skill level and provided good experience doing team projects."

Nicholas Polchies
Project Lead on 2 teams
Contributor on 5 games

Questions about Gamkedo Club?
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How Sponsored Membership Works

Anyone can join Gamkedo Club directly, with no application process. However, our one-on-one help and mentored group practice is made possible by membership dues. Although our rates are comparable to a gym class or training with a dojo we recognize this is still outside the budget for many people who may otherwise be a great fit to develop as part of our group.

That's where Gamkedo's Patreon comes in. Patreon is a monthly crowd-funding platform, so rather than a one-time goal like KickStarter it's a recurring arrangement. Through the generosity of anonymous sponsors our group is able to accept a limited number of members at no direct cost, dues covered fully at a reduced rate through Patreon supporters.

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If you would need sponsorship to participate in Gamkedo Club you can fill out our short application. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept all applicants, however it's free to apply and does not take long.

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